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Black Ops Cold War High-resolution texture packs on PS5

Black Ops Cold War on Playstation 5 already offers an enhanced visual experience over previous gen consoles with 120hz and ray tracing options available. The Black Ops Cold War high-resolution texture packs further increase the visual quality of the game at 4k resolution.

How to install the Black Ops Cold War high-resolution texture packs

Players can install the high-resolution texture packs by simply launching Black Ops Cold War. This will prompt you to download the texture packs as you would an update file. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to download and install.

Alternatively, the texture packs can be found through the Game Installs menu. This is accessed by pressing R3 (right analog) on the main menu of Black Ops Cold War to bring up File Management. Simply navigate to the texture packs and follow the steps to download and install.

For the best visual quality when playing Black Ops Cold War, install these texture packs and enable ray tracing in the Graphics tab in the settings menu. However, ray tracing can negatively affect performance by the way of decreased frame rate and gameplay stutter.