black ops cold war promo

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer gameplay reveal, combined arms

Treyarch has finally unveiled Black Ops Cold War multiplayer gameplay in a three minute trailer posted on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel.

Featuring gameplay captured on PS5, the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer gameplay trailer shows a few of the maps we will see in multiplayer, as well as new vehicle combat featured in some larger game modes – more on that below.

Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Popular streamers play Black Ops Cold War multiplayer

Showcasing various game modes included in the game, popular Twitch streamers, Youtube personalities gave us a sneak peek at raw gameplay, the full lengthy video posted to the Call of Duty Youtube channel.

12v12 multiplayer action in a new game mode

Combined Arms is a new game mode in multiplayer. Featuring multiple vehicles and 12 players on each team, it has the potential for chaos. Vehicles alternate deciding on the map environment, expect to see gunboats on water maps and snowmobiles on snow maps.